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A podcast for otherwise responsible adults to let their inner geek out.

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    16 - Scott Mellinger

    We get to chat with Scott Mellinger from Zao about Star Wars, The Matrix and future tech in today's episode of Respectably Loud.

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    15 - Travis Turner

    Travis Turner, host of the As The Story Grows podcast, comes on the show to dish about a great art-rock band called Dredg.

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    14 - Carol Petkau

    Carol Petkau comes to talk about the subject and application of creative expression on today's episode of Respectably Loud.

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    13 - Derek Selinger

    Professional magician Derek Selinger discusses his career and his art on today's episode of Respectably Loud.

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    12 - Paul Ens

    We talk to Red 5 Comics' Paul Ens about his rather unique life-long love of Star Wars on this episode of Respectably Loud.

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    11 - Flesh War

    We chat with Flesh War's Joel Cain and Alex Garratt on this episode of Respectably Loud.

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    10 - Jen Thiessen

    Artist Jen Thiessen brings her brother Jeff and his Gears of War partner Andrew over to talk about our favourite video game soundtracks.

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    09 - Lyndsey Hoff

    Singer/Songwriter Lyndsey Hoff comes to talk about her career as a singer and the music that has inspired her along the way.

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    07 - Andrew Yule

    Andrew Yule joins us to talk about some of our favourite movie soundtracks. We also review the new Slaves BC album "All is Dust and I Am Nothing."

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    06 - Andy Helgeton

    Guitarist Andy Helgeton talks about his band The Wolf and The Epitaph's new album.

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    05 - Jeff Thiessen

    Jeff Thiessen comes on to talk about his abiding love of all kinds of Christmas themed music. Also, we go over Respectably Loud's favourite music of 2015.

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    04 - Chron Goblin

    On this episode, we chat with Chron Goblin about Black Sabbath, stoner rock, their new album Backwater, and the abundance of good local music.

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    03 - Evan Petkau

    On this episode, I talk with Evan Petkau from Walden about the 2005 Meshuggah album "Catch 33".

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    02 - Adam Ayer

    On this episode, I talk with Adam Ayer from Adam Ayer and Friends about The Oh Hellos' 2012 album "Through the Deep, Dark Valley".

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    01 - Sarah Kemmers

    In our inaugural episode, we chat with Sarah Kemmers from The Wellington Folk about 3 of her most influential albums.

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